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Watch UFC 294: Makhachev vs Volkanovski 2 Live at Realtime Sports Bar


In the world of mixed martial arts, epic rematches are often the stuff of legends. Fans around the globe are eagerly awaiting the second showdown between Islam "Makhachev" and Alexander "Volkanovski." With both fighters at the peak of their careers, this rematch promises to be nothing short of extraordinary. It's a clash of champions that has fans on the edge of their seats, and for a good reason.

In this article, we'll delve into the highly anticipated "Makhachev vs. Volkanovski 2," exploring the fight's background, key details, and the excitement surrounding it.

The Unexpected Twist: Islam Makhachev vs. Charles Oliveira

Originally, this event was slated to feature a title defense by Islam Makhachev against Charles Oliveira, who is one of the most formidable fighters in the lightweight division. Fans were eager to see if Makhachev, riding a 12-fight win streak, could maintain his dominance in the division. However, the MMA gods had different plans. Just weeks before the event, Charles Oliveira suffered an unfortunate injury during training and was forced to withdraw from the fight, leaving the fans in shock.

Alexander Volkanovski Steps In

In a dramatic turn of events, Alexander Volkanovski, the reigning featherweight champion and the world's second-ranked pound-for-pound fighter, seized the opportunity to step in on short notice. His willingness to jump into a different weight class for such a significant fight shows his warrior spirit and determination to prove himself.

Who is the main fight card in UFC 294?

The main fight card for UFC 294 features the highly anticipated rematch between Islam Makhachev and Alexander Volkanovski

The Path to Volkanovski 2 vs. Makhachev 2

Islam Makhachev's journey through the UFC has been a testament to his resilience and unwavering commitment to his craft. His stellar record and impressive win streak have earned him a rightful place among the elite fighters in the lightweight division. After a series of dominant performances, it became clear that a rematch with Alexander Volkanovski was inevitable.

The first battle between Makhachev and Volkanovski was a showcase of their exceptional skills and determination. Volkanovski, the reigning featherweight champion, was able to secure a narrow victory over Makhachev, but the fight left fans yearning for more. The relentless pursuit of excellence and the desire to settle the score led to the announcement of Volkanovski 2 vs. Makhachev 2.

The Islam Makhachev Odds

As the fight approaches, the odds for Islam Makhachev are a topic of intense discussion. Makhachev has consistently shown his ability to adapt and evolve in the octagon. His odds of emerging victorious in this clash are, without a doubt, favorable. Fans and analysts are eager to witness if Makhachev can build on his past performances and clinch the lightweight title.

The Legacy of Alexander Volkanovski

On the other side of the octagon, we have Alexander Volkanovski, the reigning featherweight champion. His remarkable achievements and relentless pursuit of greatness have made him one of the most respected fighters in the sport. His victory in the first bout against Makhachev showcased his prowess, but the rematch brings new challenges and expectations.

A Clash of Titans: The First Encounter

Makhachev and Volkanovski have history. They previously faced each other in February, and the fight lived up to its expectations. Makhachev emerged victorious, but the bout was much closer than the unanimous decision might suggest. Volkanovski out-struck Makhachev in both total and significant strikes and even managed to record a knockdown. However, Makhachev's world-class wrestling skills allowed him to control the fight on the ground and secure the win.

Volkanovski's Quest for Redemption

Volkanovski, known for his striking prowess and successful title defenses in the featherweight division, has been hungry for a rematch ever since their initial bout. Given the short notice, one can only assume that he's been preparing meticulously to ensure a different outcome this time around. Makhachev, on the other hand, has voiced his desire to finish the fight and silence the critics who questioned his performance in their first meeting.

Date and Venue

UFC 294: Makhachev vs Volkanovski 2 is set to take place in Abu Dhabi at the Etihad Arena. The event is scheduled for October 21.

Styles Make Fights

This rematch promises to be an intriguing clash of styles. Volkanovski's striking and improved striking accuracy pose a formidable challenge for Makhachev. But Makhachev's precise striking combined with his elite wrestling skills make him a dangerous opponent in both the stand-up and ground game. Volkanovski's main focus will be to avoid being taken down, as he demonstrated impressive takedown defense in their first fight.

The Element of Surprise

Both fighters have had limited time to prepare specifically for each other due to the short notice of the rematch. This adds an element of unpredictability and excitement to the upcoming bout, as they adapt to the situation and showcase their skills in the octagon.

Where Can I Watch UFC Fight For Free?

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Realtime Sports Bar: The Ultimate Viewing Experience

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The Ultimate Showdown

Islam Makhachev vs. Alexander Volkanovski 2 is more than just a fight. It's a clash of titans, a test of skill, will, and determination. The entire MMA community is holding its breath, eager to witness the outcome of this epic rematch. Will Makhachev get his redemption, or will Volkanovski prove once again that he's a force to be reckoned with? The answers will be revealed on the canvas, and fans are ready to cheer on their favorite fighter.


UFC 294: Makhachev vs. Volkanovski 2 is an event that promises intense action and a great deal of anticipation for MMA fans. With both the lightweight and featherweight titles on the line, Makhachev and Volkanovski will be determined to secure the win and solidify their positions as champions in their respective divisions. This fight is undoubtedly a must-watch for MMA enthusiasts, and the anticipation is reaching a fever pitch as fight night draws near.

So, mark your calendars, grab your friends, and head down to Real Time Sports Bar & Grill to witness the unforgettable clash between Makhachev and Volkanovski 2. Enjoy the fight with great food, drinks, and an electric atmosphere.

Real Time Sports Bar & Grill - where sports come to life, and memories are made.

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