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  • Vamsi Krishna

30 Best Unique And Cheap Funny party Ideas To Host With Your Friends


Throwing a memorable and entertaining party with friends doesn't have to break the bank. In fact, some of the most unforgettable moments are created with creativity, a bit of humor, and a tight budget. Whether you're celebrating a special occasion or simply want to get together with your closest pals, these 15 cheap and funny party ideas are sure to provide endless laughter and cherished memories. From theme party ideas that focus on honing new skills to creative party concepts that will have your friends in stitches, we've got you covered. Let's dive into the world of affordable and hilarious gatherings with friends!

Funny Theme Based Party Ideas

Embark on a journey of excitement and celebration with our collection of fun and themed party ideas. From whimsical gatherings to exhilarating adventures, we've curated a selection of themes that promise unforgettable moments and lasting memories.

1. Costume Party Idea

Dress-up parties are a classic choice for a reason – they're outrageously fun! Choose a theme that's sure to get everyone giggling, like "Retro 80s," "Under the Sea," or "B-movie Monsters." The key to success here is creativity and a willingness to go all out with your costumes. The wilder, the better!

2. Themed Dance Party:

Picture yourself stepping back in time at a themed dance party that transports you to the disco era or the rock 'n' roll heyday. The evening is all about dressing up in extravagant costumes that pay homage to the chosen theme, be it funky disco outfits complete with glittering sequins or leather jackets and poodle skirts for a rock 'n' roll revival.

The dance floor will be pulsating with energy as you and your friends groove to the beat of era-specific music. Don't forget the photo booth, where everyone can capture their outrageous ensembles for posterity. It's a night where you can let loose, express your inner performer, and create Instagram-worthy memories.

3. Favorite Things Party

A "Favorite Things" party is all about sharing your favorite, quirky, or even bizarre items with your friends. Each guest brings a small, inexpensive item they love and think others should have. The catch is that it must be funny or unusual in some way. The party turns into a delightful exchange of laughter and gifts.

4. Impersonation Night:

Challenge your friends to a night of celebrity impersonations and fictional character portrayals. Watch as your pals hilariously attempt to mimic the voices, mannerisms, and quirks of famous personalities or beloved fictional figures.

Whether it's someone channeling their inner Schwarzenegger or attempting a spot-on Yoda impression, the results are bound to be side-splittingly funny. Encourage everyone to get into character, and perhaps even have a prize for the most convincing (or amusingly unconvincing) impersonation. It's a night where everyone's unique sense of humor shines through.

5. Game Night Extravaganza:

If your friends love games, why not host a game night party? Set up different game stations around your home with a variety of board games, card games, and even video games. Create a tournament-style competition with prizes for the winners, and offer a snack bar with all the classic game night treats.

6. Mystery Dinner Theater:

Transport your guests to a world of intrigue and humor with a mystery dinner theater party. Host your very own murder mystery dinner or choose a quirky theme that keeps everyone guessing, like a time-traveling adventure where guests dress up as historical figures.

Guests will arrive in character, and as they dine, they'll piece together clues, interrogate each other, and enjoy the unfolding drama. The combination of humor, suspense, and creativity will make this a night to remember. And remember, in this world of mystery, laughter is the best detective.

Creative and DIY Funny Part Ideas with Friends:

Unleash your inner artist and revel in the joy of creativity with our DIY funny party ideas. Get ready to craft, create, and giggle your way through a memorable gathering filled with handmade decor, hilarious activities, and endless laughter.

7. DIY Craft Night:

Unleash your inner artist and let your creativity run wild during a DIY craft night with your pals. Set up a crafting station with an array of quirky and amusing materials like googly eyes, pipe cleaners, and glitter. The possibilities are endless, from creating hilariously exaggerated decorations to constructing ridiculous masterpieces.

To make things even more entertaining, you can turn it into a competition to see who can craft the most absurd and over-the-top creation. Maybe the winner gets a trophy made of macaroni and glue! This crafty evening will have everyone laughing and admiring each other's unique creations.

8. Comedy Roast Night:

Get ready for a night filled with lighthearted laughter and playful teasing at a comedy roast night. Each guest takes turns gently poking fun at the host or another guest in a good-natured manner. The goal is to entertain and amuse, not to hurt anyone's feelings.

The atmosphere will be charged with humor as your friends showcase their comedic talents. Whether it's sharing hilarious anecdotes, impersonating each other, or highlighting endearing quirks, this roast will have everyone in stitches. It's an evening where laughter is the main course, and you'll leave with your spirits lifted and bonds strengthened.

9. Talent Show:

Discover the hidden talents of your friends at a talent show that embraces the wonderfully unusual. Encourage your pals to showcase their unique skills, whether it's juggling, telling hilarious jokes, doing spot-on celebrity impressions, or even displaying their bizarre but fascinating abilities.

The stage will be set for an evening of laughter and amazement as each guest takes their turn in the spotlight. You'll be astonished by the surprising talents your friends possess and bond over the shared joy of discovery.

10. DIY Comedy Night:

Give your friends a chance to showcase their comedic talents at a DIY comedy night. Invite them to prepare short stand-up routines or comedy skits, focusing on humorous anecdotes from their lives or creating fictional comedic scenarios. Set up a stage area with a microphone and encourage the audience (your friends) to laugh uproariously. It's a night of laughter and camaraderie that celebrates the comedic talents within your group.

11. DIY Photo Booth Extravaganza:

Set up a DIY photo booth with a collection of hilarious props, costumes, and backdrops. Encourage your friends to take goofy photos and create memorable snapshots throughout the party. You can even turn it into a contest for the most creative or humorous photos, with prizes for the winners. The photo booth will capture the laughter and silliness of the evening, providing everyone with keepsake memories.

Literary and Film curated Funny Ideas for Party :

Dive into the captivating worlds of literature and film with our curated party ideas. Whether you're a bookworm or a movie buff, these themes will transport you and your guests into the enchanting realms of your favorite stories and films.

12. Book Club

A book club doesn't have to be a stuffy affair. Pick books that are light-hearted and humorous, and meet up with your friends to discuss them. The twist? Turn the book discussion into a comedy roast, where you playfully critique the characters and the plot. It's a novel way to enjoy literature and share some hearty laughs.

13. Movie Marathon:

Imagine settling in for a movie marathon night filled with hilariously bad movies or a collection of classic comedies. Your living room will transform into a cinematic haven, complete with buckets of popcorn, cozy blankets, and plenty of snacks.

As you watch the chosen films, prepare for a commentary track that's anything but serious. Your friends will provide goofy commentary, cracking jokes, and poking fun at the on-screen antics. It's a night of cinematic escapism where laughter is the soundtrack, and you'll cherish the memories of this laughter-filled movie night.

14. Outdoor Movie Night:

Set up an outdoor movie screening in your backyard or at a local park. Invite your friends to bring their own blankets or lawn chairs, and create a cozy movie-watching environment under the stars. Choose a selection of classic comedies or cult-favorite films that are known for their humor. As you watch the movies, encourage witty commentary and spontaneous laughter, turning the outdoor movie night into a hilarious viewing experience.

15. Genre Swap Party:

Challenge your friends to step out of their comfort zones by hosting a genre swap party. Assign each guest a different literary genre (e.g., romance, science fiction, fantasy, mystery) and ask them to bring a short story or scene they've written in that genre. Then, everyone takes turns reading their pieces aloud, but with a humorous twist. For example, read a sci-fi story in the style of a romance novel or a mystery with the tone of a comedy. It's a creative and laughter-inducing exercise in literary role-playing.

Outdoor and Active Fun Party Ideas:

Breathe in the fresh air and embrace the great outdoors with our active fun party ideas. From thrilling adventures to relaxed gatherings in nature, these themes encourage physical activity and outdoor enjoyment that everyone can savor.

16. Outdoor Picnic and Games:

Escape the confines of four walls and embrace the great outdoors with an outdoor picnic and games party. You can conveniently order online for all your picnic needs and even consider online catering services to make your event hassle-free. Set up a picnic in a nearby park, complete with checkered blankets and a spread of delicious, easy-to-share snacks.

After satisfying your taste buds, it's time for some playful outdoor games. From frisbee tosses and tug-of-war battles to sack races that might have you stumbling hilariously, the options are endless. The fresh air and laughter-filled competitions will make this outdoor adventure a fantastic bonding experience.

17. Scavenger Hunt:

Imagine the thrill of embarking on a comically absurd scavenger hunt with your friends. Your party guests will be divided into teams, armed with a list of outrageously hilarious items to find. These items could range from a rubber chicken to a pair of oversized sunglasses or even a spoon with a mustache drawn on it. The catch? They must collect these treasures from your neighborhood or within your own house, adding a delightful twist to the game.

The clock will be ticking as teams race against time to track down these absurd items. And the prize? Well, it has to be equally humorous, like a giant inflatable unicorn or a trophy shaped like a rubber duck. The competition will be fierce, the laughter contagious, and the memories unforgettable.

18. Fun Party Ideas Turned Traditions

Consider turning your fun party ideas into traditions. Host an annual "Wacky Olympics" in your backyard with silly competitions like three-legged races and water balloon tosses. Or create a tradition of a "Bad Movie Night" where you watch the cheesiest films you can find. Traditions like these add a touch of nostalgia and heaps of laughter to your gatherings.

Gaming and Competitions-Funny Party Ideas:

Challenge your friends and family to a showdown of wit and skill with our gaming and competitions fun party ideas. These themes are designed to bring out your competitive spirit, whether you're a board game enthusiast or a sports aficionado.

19. Game Night Party Idea

Looking for a fantastic Game Night party idea? Gather your friends for an evening filled with board games, card games, and party games – there's a whole world of entertainment waiting for you. You can choose from classics like Monopoly and Scrabble or opt for something more offbeat and exciting, such as "Exploding Kittens" or "Codenames." Game nights are not just about fun; they also encourage friendly competition, teamwork, and plenty of funny moments.

To make it even more special, you can check out the party packages offered by Real Time Sports Bar to ensure a memorable and hassle-free experience for everyone.

20. Board Game Tournament:

Turn board games into a competitive and comical extravaganza by hosting a board game tournament. Select a lineup of games that are known for their humor or absurdity, and have your friends compete in a tournament-style format.

As the games progress, you can introduce silly rules or challenges to keep things entertaining. And of course, the winners should receive prizes that are equally hilarious, like a trophy shaped like a giant rubber chicken or a certificate for "Master of the Board."

21. Silly Sports Tournament:

Organize a sports tournament with a hilarious twist by choosing unconventional and silly sports or games. Consider activities like inflatable obstacle courses, human-sized hamster ball races, or a wacky mini-golf course with absurd obstacles. Create teams and compete in these zany sports, all while embracing the spirit of fun and laughter. Award goofy trophies or medals to the winning team as a memorable keepsake.

22. Outdoor Trivia Night:

Take your trivia night outdoors and make it a fun and challenging experience. Create a trivia quiz with quirky and humorous questions that cover a wide range of topics. Set up teams and compete under the starry sky, using glow-in-the-dark buzzers or props to add an extra layer of amusement. Whether you're testing your knowledge of obscure facts or sharing laugh-out-loud trivia questions, an outdoor trivia night will be both entertaining and educational.

And if you're looking for a great place to host your outdoor trivia night, check out Realtime Sports Bar for a fantastic atmosphere, delicious food, and plenty of space to enjoy your trivia under the stars.

Food and Cooking Themed Party Ideas:

Delight your taste buds and culinary senses with our food and cooking-themed party ideas. From gourmet feasts to interactive cooking sessions, these themes cater to foodies and aspiring chefs, promising a deliciously good time.

23. Potluck Dinner Party Idea

Who says you have to be a culinary genius to host a dinner party? A potluck dinner is a fantastic way to share the joy of cooking (or ordering takeout) with your friends. Assign different courses to each guest – appetizers, main courses, desserts, and drinks. The catch? They must bring the quirkiest or most unusual dish they can think of. It's a culinary adventure that's sure to have everyone laughing. And while you're planning your potluck, check out the live sports events happening this week at Realtime Sports Bar to add an extra layer of excitement to your gathering!

24. Cook-Off

For those who love spending time in the kitchen, a cook-off is the perfect way to combine your culinary skills and your sense of humor. Challenge your friends to a cook-off where each person must prepare a dish using a bizarre or unusual ingredient. The results can range from surprisingly tasty to hilariously disastrous, making for a memorable feast.

25. Mystery Box Cooking Challenge:

Put your friends' culinary skills to the test with a mystery box cooking challenge. Prepare a selection of bizarre and unusual ingredients, place them in sealed mystery boxes, and have your friends choose a box at random. They must then create a dish using the mystery ingredients and present it to the group. Taste-testing the unique creations and witnessing their reactions is sure to result in laughter and memorable culinary adventures.

Creative Fun Party Ideas:

Immerse yourself in a world of imagination and originality with our creative fun party ideas. These themes invite you to explore your artistic side, experiment with unique concepts, and celebrate the joy of creativity in all its forms.

26. Karaoke Night

Unleash your inner rockstar with a karaoke night that's bound to leave everyone in stitches. Whether you have the vocal chops of a diva or the tone-deaf enthusiasm of a shower singer, karaoke is a hilarious way to bond with friends. Create a list of classic songs and let each friend take the stage. Encourage funny props and outrageous costumes to make it even more entertaining.

27. Impersonation Night:

Challenge your friends to a night of celebrity impersonations and fictional character portrayals. Watch as your pals hilariously attempt to mimic the voices, mannerisms, and quirks of famous personalities or beloved fictional figures.

Whether it's someone channeling their inner Schwarzenegger or attempting a spot-on Yoda impression, the results are bound to be side-splittingly funny. Encourage everyone to get into character, and perhaps even have a prize for the most convincing (or amusingly unconvincing) impersonation. It's a night where everyone's unique sense of humor shines through.

28. Pajama Party:

Relive your childhood and host a pajama party for your adult friends. Invite everyone to come in their comfiest and silliest pajamas or onesies. Plan a lineup of activities that cater to your inner child, such as pillow fights, blanket forts, and a midnight snack buffet featuring nostalgic treats like popcorn, pizza, and ice cream. It's a night of nostalgia and laughter that will make you feel like a kid again.

29. Escape Room Challenge:

Take the thrill of an escape room to the next level by turning it into a humorous challenge. Choose an escape room scenario known for its quirky and fun elements, and invite your friends to solve the puzzles and riddles. Add a twist by incorporating funny props or unexpected surprises along the way. The combination of problem-solving and laughter will make this escape room experience unforgettable.

30. DIY Lip Sync Battle:

Host a lip sync battle where your friends can channel their inner pop stars and performers. Each participant selects a song, dons a flashy costume or props, and gives an entertaining lip sync performance. Encourage creativity and humor, and let the audience (your friends) judge the performances. You can even have a grand finale showdown between the top performers, complete with an over-the-top production.


Throwing a budget-friendly and entertaining party with your friends can be a blast when you get creative with your ideas. Whether you choose to host a themed movie night, a DIY game night, or even a Board gaming tournament, the key is to prioritize fun and laughter over expensive frills.

And if you're looking for the perfect place to wrap up your evening with some sports action and camaraderie, why not consider checking out a local sports bar in chicago?

You can catch the latest games, enjoy delicious party packages, and continue the laughter and excitement long into the night. So, don't break the bank to have a good time – opt for these cheap and funny party ideas, and maybe even plan to end your night at a nearby sports bar like Realtime Sports Bar for the ultimate party experience.

Cheers to great memories and unforgettable moments with friends!

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